Let’s look
after ourselves.

Bake for care

Eating is not just about satisfying hunger, it’s also about improving our health. Bread can play its part in daily nutrition and well-being. The crossover of our historic expertise in bread-making and the state-of-the-art expertise in our nutrition and health business units puts Lesaffre in a unique position to meet the challenges of baking in the 21 st century. By working closely with bakers and harnessing our R&D facilities, we can deliver the latest innovations in bread-making.


At Lesaffre, we make sure that bread is a natural source of nutrition and helps people to lead healthy lives. We do this by reducing the quantities of certain ingredients, such as salt, fat and sugar, and adding others, including vitamins and minerals. The result is enticing baked products with a good nutritional profile and the unmistakable
taste of indulgence.


Typically consumed every day in so many countries around the world, bread can be an ideal way of providing benefits to specific groups within the population, such as children, seniors, and women during pregnancy.


Bread is also an ideal way of supporting the many different dietary choices being made by today’s consumers. Our product portfolio caters for lifestyle choices and personal commitments, like veganism, along with health requirements, such as gluten-free products.

springer proteissimo

Springer Proteissimo® 101

To increase the protein intake of consumers without using animal ingredients, Lesaffre has developed the perfect solution, Springer Proteissimo® 101. Naturally rich in proteins and containing all the essential amino acids, it is free of off-notes and has only a limited effect on color. A unique, patented product for baking high-protein bread, Springer Proteissimo® 101 is created from yeast fermentation and benefits from a small carbon footprint.


Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9

To meet any physiological need for supplementary folic acid and folate, Lesaffre has created Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9, a unique, patented ingredient based on vitamin B9. Easy to formulate for bakers wishing to make vitamin-enriched bread, Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9 is particularly adapted to women (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation), infants, seniors and for specific health conditions for people lacking in folate.



Only available from Lesaffre, VitaMK7® is vitamin K2 in its purest form (>99%), being produced from a natural source (bio-fermentation of bacillus subtilis spp natto, Lesaffre’s proprietary strain). VitaMK7®, which promotes bone health and helps blood clotting, is clean label and suitable for formulating with calcium salt bread-making ingredients.

Inventis Senior

Inventis Senior®

Specially formulated for the dietary needs of seniors – with reduced salt and no added sugar – this unique offering brings the nutritional benefits of two other patented Lesaffre ingredients, VitaMK7® and Springer Proteissimo® 101. Customers wishing to bake low-sodium sourdough bread can contact Lesaffre to obtain turnkey formulations of Inventis Senior® for their consumers.

Super Burger


The Super Burger

To create the burger of the future, you will need :


A unique flavor

The « crackers » notes help to lower salt levels without loss of flavor.
Springer Proteissimo™101 protein provides notes of hazelnut.
Buttery notes are enhanced by a sourdough flavor that helps to reduce fat in the finished product.


An incredible combination of crustiness and softness
The inclusion of grains gives the bun a slight crunch.
Sourdough optimizes the product’s softness and freshness


A beautiful look
The beige-colored crumb evocative of old style bread.