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Baking with Lesaffre offers a complete range of solutions adapted to the production of fermented crackers and more specifically saltines (soda crackers) and cream crackers.


Special Cracker yeasts


  • Instant dry and fresh yeasts: for sweet or savory goods, offering a rather plain flavor and a crispy texture
  • Active dry yeast: specially developed for long sponge fermentation. Easy-to-use, with a long shelf life and clean label

Special Cracker ingredients


  • Yeast foods: to increase fermentation activity especially for long fermentation (sponge & dough)
  • Improvers: to enhance the final structure and color
  • Deactivated yeasts: to improve machinability and give a better dough consistency
  • Yeast-based protein:derived from fermentation for protein enrichment
  • Yeast extracts: to give specific cracker flavor

Special Cracker sourdoughs


  • Dry sourdoughs:  to enhance taste of final products
  • Live sourdoughs: to reveal specific notes of final products and increase acidification

Lesaffre offers a large range of products & can develop customized solutions designed according to your needs.



Yeasts Adapted fermentation for direct or sponge & dough process
Yeast foods / Customized Increase of fermentation activity
Improvers / Customized Better machinability, enhances final texture
Deactivated yeast Better machinability on laminating line
Yeast-based proteins High protein
Yeast extracts Taste and salt substitute
Sourdoughs Taste and natural acidity

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Fermented crackers production requires thorough control over several fermentation parameters. Relying on the expertise of its Baking Center™ network, our Baking with Lesaffre teams can assist you with assessing your industrial manufacturing process and proposing customized solutions.


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